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Discover the People and Events that Shaped Little Falls History

Explore the rich history of Little Falls! For such a small city, Little Falls contributed a great deal to the history of our proud nation. Here we will feature a selection of original articles and notes on some of the most interesting people and events that defined the history of Little Falls. We will also provide links to other sites dedicated to local history, or to preserving and interpreting our past.

Recent Articles:

Explore Little Falls - Xerxes A. Willard

Xerxes Willard and the Prominence of the Little Falls Cheese Markets. Learn how Xerxes Willard, a Little Falls resident, pioneered dairy journalism and in the process made Little Falls the 'Cheese Capital of the World'.

Explore Little Falls - Samuel S. Dale

Samuel S. Dale: Fact Maven for the Progressive Era. Learn about Samuel S. Dale, a native of Little Falls, who lobbyied Congress for the textile industry, prevented America from going metric, and challenged American women to give up knitting.

The John Pierce Stone Quarry in Little Falls, NY

Some External Resource on the History of Little Falls, NY!

There are some fantastic websites devoted to the history of Little Falls in particular, and Herkimer County in general. Here are just a few of our favorite links, to get you started:

  • The Fulton History website consists of a collection of over 33 million historical newspaper pages!
  • The New York State Library also links to many online historical newspapers on its website.
  • The Herkimer branch of the NYGenWeb website offers an excellent collection of online historical documents.
  • George Hardin's magisterial history of Herkimer County is reproduced online at the Internet Archive website. Scads of other important historical documents are online here, so go crazy with the search bar on the site!
  • The Three Rivers website offers numerous resources on the history of the Mohawk Valley, to include a page on Little Falls.
The Old Aqueduct in Little Falls, NY

Connect with People Interested in Preserving the Heritage of Little Falls, NY!

There exist several groups of citizens devoted to preserving the rich cultural and historical heritage of Little Falls, New York. We encourage you to contact these organizations and support their hard work:

  • The Little Falls Historical Society oprates a museum, conducts regular meetings, and can assist in historical and geneaological research.
  • The Herkimer County Historical Society is a great resource for the entire county.
  • Preserve Our Past seeks to educate the public on historic preservation, and has conducted successful campaigns to restore the Italian bake oven and create the Little Falls Historical District.
  • Main Street First works for historical preservation as part of its broader mission of economic revitalization in Little Falls.

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